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SAY WHAAAAT?!?! Ohio Nurse Makes Racist Comments and Gets Dragged! [PHOTOS]

At this point in our lives, we all know that racism is a thing and this country suffers from a bad case of it. After recent events, the racists have come out of the woodwork in rare form and are risking it all to prove their weak attempt at superiority. Taking it to the next level, an Ohio nurse, who works with the elderly, took to Facebook to express her dislike of African Americans and the fact that the concerts in her area seem to only cater to People of Color. Take a look.

Well, after she had the internet courage to write such a thing, the wonderful citizens of Facebook decided they needed to take a little action. Check out their responses.

And finally, the last straw came from a Facebook user who not only included the contact information to what is believed to be Liller's employer but, to the State Nursing board as well!

The company did respond to one of my #BackSeatDrivers after she contacted them directly.

The hunt continues for Liller's current employer continues!

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