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Looks Like R. Kelly's Tour is Coming to a Halt!

Welp, looks like there won't be an "After Party" for R. Kelly. Amidst tons of allegations that Kelly is the ring leader of a "sex cult" there's one thing that suffered almost as much as his image. . . his ticket sales.

TMZ reports:

Four of Kelly’s 10 upcoming tour dates were canceled Monday. Just last week he’d vowed he would continue touring, despite being accused of running a sex cult with young women.

Two shows in Louisiana got axed, one in Dallas and another in Los Angeles.

Our sources say the 4 stops were nixed due to poor ticket sales, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we reported … his Friday night gig in Virginia was barely half full, and fans were pissed he only played for 45 minutes.

Still, sources close to Kelly tell TMZ the tour will absolutely go on, explaining the L.A. show was only canceled because of a scheduling conflict with another nearby stop. The sources would not comment about the other 3 terminated shows.

As of Monday, there are still a few dates left of the “After Party” tour that have tickets for sale.

Honestly, I saw this coming a mile away! It was a matter of time before those who still supported his music felt the pressure to stop strengthening his pockets. Do you think this is fair or going to far?


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