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R. Kelly Addresses Sex Cult Allegations! [VIDEO]

In the middle of the "sex cult" allegations, hiring Bill Cosby's former defense attorney and still trying to have a successful tour, R. Kelly took a little time out of his day to get a few things off of his chest. Just a few hours ago, in a cryptic and dark video, R. Kelly took to his social media to inform fans that everything the public has been hearing about his is "crap"! Catch his video below.

Listen, I understand that women of consenting age are allowed to do what ever, and who ever, they want. I'm not bashing him on that front at all. My concern is the allegations of them not having their own free will and being able to leave, return, eat, sleep and dress the way they want to. That's some Jim Jones, David Karesh type of foolishness and, if that's what he's up to, we all need to be alarmed.

Feel free to sound off and share your opinions, and theories, in the comments below!

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