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Say Whaaaat?!?! Ohio Mom Overdoses in Barbershop Bathroom but That's Not the Worst Part!

In case you weren't aware, DRUGS ARE BAD and so is this mother! According to reports and local news out of Youngstown, Ohio, Amanda Long, pictured above, took her children into a local Barbershop to have their hair cut. After bringing them into the shop for services, Long went into the bathroom at the establishment, according to witnesses, and when she came out she "tripped over a sign and sat down on a bench where she passed out."

As if overdosing in a public place wasn't bad enough, the worst part comes in to play after the paramedics were called to revive Long with naloxone (an overdose reversal drug). When the police showed up, and were rattling off the list of charges that she would be facing, including child endangering, Long reportedly told them:

"I don't care, I don't have custody of them anyway."

Really lady? That's your response when the police tell you that they're taking away? Ok, gurl. Let's sign her up for the Horrible Mother Award. The police report also said that they found "crack cocaine, heroin and a crack pipe in Long's purse." Looks like she's not just a part-time, recreational, user The children were turned over into the care of their grandfather. Let's hope he's much more responsible than their mother is!

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