Is Joanne the Scammer Coming to a Netflix Near You?

Well look at this why don't ya! Joanne the Scammer, aka Branden Miller, may have landed a deal with Netflix to move his comedy sketches to a whole new level! From his humble beginnings as one of YouTube's first great comedians to becoming an internet shady sensation, I'd say this is quite a come up in deed!

Via "Unicorn":

Miller told Janet Mock on the podcast that “someone from Netflix” was currently writing the show. The show’s exact format is still somewhat hazy, with Miller admitting, “I can’t even speak that far ahead because I don’t even know.”

Miller added: “If you know Joanne on Instagram, there are little snippets of her life” in which Joanne appears “right in the middle of a scam. So I’m capturing that. Instagram gives you one minute of that, the show will give you the whole storyline.”

This just goes to show that if you believe in yourself and work hard at what you do, nothing is impossible!

Here's a taste of Joanne's shady comedy just to tide us over until the series is available!


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