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The Carter's Give Us Gifts for the Twins One Month Celebration!

Well it looks like we finally get to see who caused Queen Bey to cancel her Coachella performance this year! It's no secret that we've all been waiting to see the newest additions to the Carter Clan! I knew Beyonce was going to share them with us, I was crossing my fingers that it would be some day soon! Well bless the Lord, my prayers were answered! We also got confirmation that the twins are indeed names Sir Carter and Rumi. Not only did we get a peek at the babies, we got a glorious photo shoot.

They all look absolutely ethereal and sublime in this picture but I do have one big question. Check the picture and see if you can guess what my question is. And no, it's not about her stomach!

Ok, so here's the question. Remember how we all thought that the Carter's had welcomed a boy and a girl? Well, recent postings have been hinting at the fact that they may be both boys! Yup, you heard me! Two small Hov's! There is a LOT of blue in this picture and it's either an ode to their big sister or a nod at the babies gender. This question was posed earlier today and I still think it's true. Here's the artwork that started it all!

I think Beyonce and Jay-Z have pulled a fast one on us all by keeping the ultimate secret! I'm still waiting for the official announcement but, this looks pretty official to me! What do you think?

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