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Jay-Z's "Footnotes for 4:44" Gives Women an Inside Look on the Emotions of Men. [VIDEO

4:44 dropped two weeks ago and we haven't been able to take our ears, AND EYES, off of it yet! It all started with those visually stunning promos, then "The Story of O.J." and the video for "4:44". Now, the short documentary "Footnotes for 4:44" has surfaced and it not only gives women an insight to the emotional workings of men, it also details how some men don't even know how to love.

In the video, Jay-Z explains his reasoning behind some of the lyrics to "4;44" the title track for his latest album. When referring to his marriage to Beyonce, he says that their marriage “wasn’t built on 100% truth.” He says rebuilding the “beautiful mansion” of the relationship was “the hardest thing he’s ever done.”

Ouch! "Footnotes" isn't just heard from the mouth of Jay-Z, there are also tons of other famous men who gathered to share their thoughts on love, fidelity and honesty in relationships. Most notable are Chris Rock, Will Smith and Jesse Williams.

Watch the clips of "Footnotes for 4;44" and share your thoughts on this enlightening piece below!

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