"Blue's Freestyle/ We Family" Entire Song Leaks and Disappears!

This is the face you make when you're super rich father lets you creatively color on the walls of his new album! A snippet of Blue's Freestyle leaked last night but the full version showed up this morning! I originally wanted to hit skip but I promise there's something cute about it. Blue is just doing what every single kid does after church when they have access to the microphones. Hop on and let the randomness flow! For real though, Blue has been on 3 major songs (Glory, Blue and now this one) since the day she was born and yet here we all are. . . yeah. . . let that soak in!

Anyway, check out some of these lyrics below!

Blue's Freestyle verse:

Everything everything this my only single thing Everything I hear is my answer And if you think I say, then [?] I never hear that, I be in the posse Never seen a ceiling in my whole life Everything I seen, everything is rotten Never sit in silence, innocent is Carter Innocent we seek them I and say we see them [?] Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka Everything in shaka, everything in faka Everything in shaka, everything in faka


"I got bloodlines in Benin, that explains the voodoo / Got poison in my pen, thank god for Lulu / And thank the heavens for BB, her Creole roots run deeply / I'm crazy, you ever leave me I might have to put an egregious / Spell for us to stay together / Facelessness / Maison Margiela embracing / 'Cause more than ever we gon' have to stick together, feel me? / More than ever my n---as gon' have to stick together, feel me? / Already ahead of your end, in the foreign bumping Fela, feel me? / Was out in Havana when that had that banned forever, feel me? / F--k embargoes, I'm a narco / Colombian ties, shout out to Dapo / OG Juan also / Feel me? / All the fellas from the favelas round me, feel me? / Lagos, all the bodies around me, feel me? / Bismillah, all the gods around me / Mexicanos ain't building f--king walls around me / I feel like Ali / Viet Cong never done s--t to me, feel me? / More worried about Trump than anyone overseas, feel me? / I'm out in the art clubs in London sipping tea, feel me? / I'm out in Michelangelos in FTs."

If you didn't get to listen to the track when it was first leaked, you'll just have to wait until the full album becomes available because, true to Carter form, that track was snatched from the hands of us peasants by the Internet Gods. Anyway, I don't know what language they're singing in the background but I think I like the song. Seriously, anybody can deal with a child singing for 40 seconds as long as it leads to something pretty dope. What's your opinion? Let's discuss this in the comments below!

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