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Clean Up on Aisle 3! Rob Kardashian Spills Chyna's Tea with RECEIPTS! [PHOTOS]

While some of us had to work today, Rob Kardashian took some time off to fill us all in on the drama that's been brewing between him and his Babymama Blac Chyna. Evidently this situation has been rumbling in Rob's spirit for a while and boy oh boy did he unleash a big rant that set the internet on fire!

The rant started on Instagram and once he leaked her nude photos, his account was abruptly shut down so he took to his Twitter instead. Listen, I'm not saying that he's right, I'm not saying he's wrong but, when someone gave their all for you and you turn your back on them. . . you kinda get lashed out on.

In his posts, Rob admits to the masses that Blac Chyna did NOT do a miraculous snap back after giving birth to their daughter Dream and that he paid to have her body surgically reconstructed. He also admits that Chyna only got pregnant with Dream out of spite. Check the messages below.

And it didn't stop there honey. T.I. decided to give Rob a little unsolicited advice and had his entire private life, marriage and pockets thrown under the bus too! Listen, when I tell you Rob took the day off to be this petty, HE TOOK UNPAID TIME OFF to gather these receipts and cast them to the wind!

Chyna also took to Instagram to prove that she's unbothered by all of the fuss going on around her by flashing tons of jewelry. . . could this be the bling that Rob mentioned that he just bought her? You be the judge!

Do you all think Rob was wrong in spilling everybody's tea? Let's chat about this in the comments below!

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