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BET Awards 2k17 Rewind!

*Before you continue reading, go pause the two videos below Tamar. BET has set their vids to auto play and it's annoying!*

I stayed up entirely too late last night watching Claws on TNT and the 2017 BET Awards. When I tell y'all that I suffered for this morning, I suffered dearly. Any way, I HAD to see Tamar Braxton, New Edition, Mary J. Blige, XScape and Leslie Jones. I HAD TO. Like, it was mandatory! Now, I don't consider myself a Tamartian, however, I LOVE Tamar. I think the girl can sing, and something about her attitude is hilarious to me. As much as I hate drama, I'll tolerate it if it's from Tamar. Well, Tamar showed up and gave us full theatrical dramatics during her performance of her single "My Man" just as I knew she would.

Ok, yeah, she was lip syncing but it's still her voice so who cares. There's an Instagram clip that shows her warming up and singing, from her actual vocal chords, backstage and that is just as spectacular. I loved every minute of it. Speaking of LOVE. New Edition. . . listen, I was screaming so loud at the TV that I thought I'd wake up with no voice this morning! They all delivered, even the cast from their biopic came through with the delicious vocals! Slay young men, SLAY!

Mary J. Blige aired out a little of her dirty laundry which caused her ex-husband to lash out on Instagram and then the ladies of XScape came through and reminded us all why the 90's has better music than anything from today! I've got some performances, and that darn shade, all below! Dig in and catch up then let's chat in the comments below!

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