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Post and Delete Chronicles: Episode 2. Toya Wright Claps Back Against Tamar Braxton!

Can't we all just get along? The answer for these three may be a possible, resounding, "NO!" Just yesterday Tamar reached out to Tiny Harris, the godmother to her son and long time best friend, to apologize for a longstanding disagreement that the two have had. If you missed that story, catch it here.

Well in that particular Instagram post where Tamar offered her apologies to Tiny, she also took a shot at Tiny's other friend Toya Wright saying in reference to the true nature of their feud "Against public perceptions, we know it's NOT because of that show or lies that paperback Toya has said. . ." The paperback comment is possibly a reference to Toya's memoir.

After Tamar's apology to Tiny, Tiny commented on the post accepting the apology and also wishing that Tamar and Toya could reconcile as well. All of these Instagram posts are below so that you can see this oncoming train wreck coming with your own eyes.

Now that we've caught up, let's get on to the newly developed Clap Back! Evidently Toya isn't the one to let a shady dig slide so she took to her Instagram page to set the record straight. In a post that she has since deleted, but not before the world got a chance to screenshot and repost, Toya took the gloves off and prepared to drag Tamar.

This was pretty bad but the fact that she since deleted the post makes me wonder if she felt a little remorse for being so harsh. I'm quite sure that this story isn't over yet so let's keep our eyes and ears open for some new tea!

If you've got time, Toya's book is on sale. . .

Post your thoughts on this debacle in the comments below!

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