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Your Sins Will Find You Out! Couple Arrested 30 Years After Their Baby Was Found Beaten to Death!

If don'[t cry now was a woman, Robin Byrum would be her!

Police in Nags Head, North Carolina have just solved a murder case that has been open and bone dry since 1991. Scott Gordon Poole, 54, and Robin Lynn Byrum, 51, were arrested by the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office last week and charged with “concealing birth of child,” which is a felony, the Nags Head Police Department said Monday. Police said additional charges are possible “pending further investigation.”

Here's what we know about the deceased child. Back on April 4, 1991, officers were called to East Tides Drive in Nags Head on a report that someone had found what appeared to be tiny human remains in a trash can. When police arrived they found the decomposed remains of an infant. The stated that the remains had to have been pretty old because they could no longer tell the gender of the baby.

According to The Charlotte Observer, the Pitt County Medical Examiner’s Office in Greenville later determined that the baby’s cause of death was “blunt force trauma to the face” and asphyxiation, according to police.

“Over the years, Nags Head’s police investigators have examined and re-examined evidence in the case, working to find who was responsible for the heinous act,” the police department wrote on Facebook.

In 2019, police opened another re-investigation into the case and sent the baby’s rib bone for a forensic analysis at a lab in Texas. The lab used DNA from the bone to “conduct a genealogical profile” — which pointed officials to a family living in North Carolina, police said.

“Further investigation and DNA analysis by Nags Head Police led to a married couple living in Taylorsville, North Carolina, and known to have been living on the Outer Banks around the time Baby Doe was found,” police said.

Taylorsville is about 64 miles from Charlotte and about 360 miles west of Nags Head.

Poole and Byrum were booked into the custody of the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office under a $250,000 bond and have since been transferred to the Dare County Detention Center, according to police.

Neither Poole nor Byrum has stated whether they are innocent or guilty and no motive for the child's murder has been disclosed.


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