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Woman, in Public Park, Caught on Camera Dousing a Man with Gas and Setting Him on Fire!

A California pair are behind bars today after a woman allegedly set a man on fire! The incident occurred this past Thursday at a park in Sanger, California, near Fresno. Authorities allege that 48-year-old Patricia Castillo walked up to the victim while he was sitting on the grass and threw gasoline on him.

An argument ensued and Castillo ignited a lighter, causing the man’s clothes to catch fire.

A statement released from the police department reads in part: The Sanger Police Department's Community Video Surveillance System captured the crime occurring at approximately 8:30 PM on 7/7/22. Investigators used video surveillance and witness statements to identify Patricia Castillo (right) and Leonard Hawkins (left) as the suspects. The video shows Castillo approaching the victim and throwing a liquid from a cup onto him, and she and the victim appear to argue before Castillo sparks a lighter and lights the victim on fire.

Further investigation revealed that Leonard Hawkins had provided the accelerant used to light the victim on fire to Castillo.

Both Castillo and Hawkins were arrested without incident. Police and medics responded to the scene at about 9:15 p.m., and the victim was rushed to a local hospital with severe but non-life-threatening injuries; he is expected to survive.

Prosecutors have charged Castillo with attempted murder, arson, and conspiracy, according to the police department.

At this moment there is no word on what led up to the argument or exactly why Castillo set the unidentified victim on fire.


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