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When You See Something, Say Something. Right? Woman Reports Suspected Abuse and Nothing Happens!

A California woman who made a routine trip to Costco found herself at the center of a viral video.

Angelica Marie Mendez went into the Costco in Palm Desert, California to pick up a few things for her family. While shopping in the store, Mendez noticed a Caucasian family with an African-American "adopted daughter. Mendez said that the girl looked scared and wasn't eating with the rest of the family so she pulled out her phone and began to record.

It's unclear when Mendez got to speak to the girl but she says that the unidentified girl told her "she has been raped and abused by the lady with her arms crossed and the man in pink who doesn’t let her go!! She begged for help!!"

The original video has been removed from social media but, that didn't stop folks on YouTube from grabbing it first. You can view the video, and get some additional commentary below.

Mendez did, in fact, contact the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and they were able to locate the family off of the information and videos that Mendez provided.

What happened next was something that none of us, well maybe some of us, could have predicted. They didn't do anything!

The look on this child's face alone was enough for us to want to do an unannounced home visit with the local CPS but, the police felt as if the child was absolutely fine.

This enraged Mendez who later said that the police didn't even look at the bruises on the child or do a rape kit to prove her claims.


The Riverside County Sheriff's Department released the following statement:

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has been made aware of an incident circulating on social media.

The incident has been investigated and the allegations were not found to be credible.

We appreciate the concern from members of the community.

We treat all allegations and requests for service very seriously and ensure a thorough investigation is completed.

It is everyone's duty to report suspected LEGITIMATE cases of child abuse and neglect and we don't feel as if Ms. Mendez did anything wrong. This is when the simple rule of "minding your own business" goes out of the window and you get involved. Mendez is holding to her claims that the girl needed help saying "What she told me and what her body language said doesn’t add up to a 'HAPPY FAMILY '".

From the looks of the video, Mendez is right. After looking at the footage, what are your thoughts?


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