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"Tyler Perry: Man of Many Faces" Documentary Both Inspires and Uplifts!

Have you ever wondered exactly what makes Tyler Perry tick?

Have you ever wondered exactly what it was that took a homeless young man from living in his car to walking the red carpet at some of the entertainment industry's most coveted events?

The new documentary "Tyler Perry: Man of Many Faces" (Legacy Distribution) chronicles Perry's journey from his childhood, living with an abusive father, to his life living amongst Hollywood's elite.

This isn't just a story of how Perry rose to fame, it's also a testament to what "betting on yourself" and believing in your dreams. Had Perry not took the risk to turn his cathartic writings into stage plays, he would most definitely be in a different place in his life.

Check out the trailer to this work of art and appreciation below.

Perry has written, directed and produced twenty-three plays. Thirty-five films have made him a household name. Fifteen TV shows include For Better or Worse, Love Thy Neighbor and The Haves and Haves Not, series projects featured on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. Best loved character of all is Medea, matriarch and protagonist of most Perry work. Despite criticism for his black stereotype characters, the Academy Awards will present its humanitarian award to Tyler Perry this year for his generosity during the pandemic. An honor I was blessed to have witnessed.

"Tyler Perry: Man of Many Faces" is available NOW on RokuTV and it's definitely a piece worth watching!


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