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Two Women Arrested and Charged with Killing "Sugar Daddy" and Using His Severed Thumb to Steal His Money!

Two women have been arrested and charged with the murder of an older man and stealing his money.

D.C. Police reported that Tiffany Taylor Gray, 22, and Audrey Denise Miller, 19, allegedly orchestrated the killing Fasil Teklemariam, 53. Court documents show that the victim was found dead inside his home back in April. Emergency crews were called to his apartment for an "unconscious" person. When they arrived, they found him unresponsive. According to reports, broken glass lay on top of his body and on the bed around him, prosecutors said. Blood was found on the bedroom floor.

He had been stabbed and his right thumb was missing; court documents said it was removed either right before he died or afterward.

Based on the findings of the autopsy, investigators believe he was killed several days before police were called to the apartment.

Teklemariam was last seen alive April 1. Prosecutors said surveillance footage shows the man enter his apartment building with Miller.

Witnesses told investigators Teklemariam was Gray’s “sugar daddy,” and that the 22-year-old was involved in prostitution. Gray has also been known to scam potential romantic partners for money.

An autopsy report found Teklemariam had sustained multiple blunt force fractures to his head, and a stab wound that punctured his stomach, small intestine, aorta and struck his spine.

Gray is also accused of using Teklemariam’s severed right thumb to bypass security measures on his phone to gain access to a payment app.

One witness told police that Gray paid for Uber, weed and alcohol by using the thumb, according to the court documents.

Gray went under fake names to conceal her identity, including the alias “Taylor Greene,” prosecutors said in the court documents.

Around the time period of the killing, the two women were seen on surveillance footage entering and exiting Teklemariam’s apartment along with two men — one of whom was identified in court documents but hasn’t been charged.

The group of four was seen carrying items out of Teklemariam’s apartment after the time he is believed to have been killed, prosecutors said.

Police were able to link Gray to the crime partially because of an old complaint filed by Teklemariam. On Oct. 1, 2023, Teklemariam met up with Gray — whom he knew as “Taylor” and he said she left without saying goodbye. His phone was gone and a payment app was charged without his consent.

The thief allegedly stole $1,600, then another $200 from Teklemariam through his payment apps. A third attempted charge of $325 didn’t go through.

Teklemariam reported the theft to police. It is unclear how she was able to get close to him again but, what we do know is this time, their interactions proved fatal.

Prosecutors say that among the items missing from the victim's apartment were his cellphone, his thumb and his SUV. None of those items have ever been recovered.

Gray was also involved in another robbery where she lured a man she met on a dating app to her apartment She took him into her bedroom and had him wait for her. He was expecting a good time but was met by two armed men who beat him, zip tied his hands behind his back and made him open his phone and give up his bank pin number. They left him inside of the closet at her apartment, that was cosigned by Teklemariam, and went to his home to rob and ransack it. While he was alone he broke free and called for help.

One of the men allegedly involved in both incidents, who has not been charged, admitted being at the scene of the College Park robbery but said he didn’t commit the crime, prosecutors said. He told investigators he had accepted payments from Gray.

In her first appearance in D.C. Superior Court on June 22, Miller was ordered held without bond. She will next appear before a judge for a July 30 preliminary hearing.

Gray, who was arrested in Prince George’s County, is still awaiting extradition back to D.C.


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