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Thousands of Adults Flock to YouTube to See Everybody's Favorite Vegan, Tabitha Brown's, "Tab Time"!

If you're wondering if we actually ran to our computers at the appointed time to watch Tabitha Brown's new show "Tab Time", WE DID, and that's our business!

We here at "The Chatty Passenger" have been fans of Tabitha Brown for years, since she was eating a Whole Foods sandwich in her car and "Donna" was a TWA. Our favorite vegan influencer has hit a major glow up this year, landing an acting role in the hit series "The Chi", publishing her first book "Feeding the Soul" that landed number one on the New York Times Bestsellers list, "Sunshine" her own seasoning blend from McCormick, that sold out in minutes TWICE, and now, her very own show! "Tab Time" debuted today at 9am PST and we have to admit, we were in front of the computer waiting minutes in advance.

The semi-animated show is aimed primarily at Pre-Schoolers but listen, we love Tab and we're here for everything she does! Tab's personality definitely makes her the perfect patient teacher for youngsters and this show puts every ounce of her bubbliness on display (yes, we made that word up. Tab deserves it)! Tab teaches children educational lessons, crafting and even about different healthy foods. "Tab Time" is perfect for little ones and the adults who have to watch what their youngsters are watching.

We enjoyed the show and we know it's going to do well. "Tab Time" will air on YouTube every Wednesday at 9am PST/ 12pm EST and you can watch the first episode below!

Congratulations Tabitha Brown! Thank you for making our day!


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