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Tennessee Mother Calls Police After Recognizing Her Two Sons as Wanted Suspects for Shooting at Police! "I don't play no games!"

One week ago a police officer about an hour from Memphis, TN was attempting to make a traffic stop when he found himself in a tight situation!

Reports say that Tuesday April 3, 2024, just about 4:30am, a Holly Springs police officer says he attempted to pull over a vehicle driving erratically with no headlights on. The vehicle didn't stop and ended up leading him on a brief chase. When the passengers of the vehicle noticed that the officer wasn't giving up, someone fired two shots at the officer from inside of the vehicle.

“It was dangerous for the officers and any other pedestrian and anyone that was on that interstate at that time. That was a very dangerous situation,” said Holly Springs police chief Darryl Bowens.

The officer immediately put out a call for help and notified surrounding officers of the make and model of the vehicle last seen driving on Interstate 22 towards Memphis.

A Marshall County sheriff’s deputy spotted the vehicle where the suspects ran into the woods. The police were unable to apprehend the suspects but, they didn't get away without a trace.

After canvasing the area, and speaking with residents, detectives found out that the two suspects were captured on a doorbell camera. That camera footage was analyzed and their images were released to the public. Police knew that it was a long-shot but, were surprised when a tip came in from an unbelievable source!

The mother of the two young men!

The unidentified mother turned in her two sons about 24 hours after their images were shown on television.

" I don’t play no games with them. If you want to do the crime you gotta do the time— Plain and simple,” said the mother shortly after turning her 17 and 18-year-old sons into police.

The mother said her sons told her that they are innocent and she’s hopeful that turning them in that it will clear their names.

“My child does not get in trouble. He don’t bother nobody. They don’t do nothing. All they do is play games. This is very new. This is very shocking,” said the mother.

Both of her sons have been charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, however, Holly Springs Police Chief Bowen would not officially release their names.

Another person of interest was questioned but not detained. This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with any additional details is encouraged to call the authorities.


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