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#SmallBusinessSpotlight M&N Smooth Sensations Offers What You Need for Moisturized, Healthy Skin!

Let me tell you how I found this gem of a company. A few months ago I was sitting at my desk and noticed that, due to tons of hand washing and using hand sanitizer, my hands were ASHY! The kind of ash that can't be tamed by using lotion.

I was appalled at myself for letting my hands get this bad. I knew that I was going to need something stronger than your average hand lotion and, I always like to support small businesses, so, I ran to social media. I asked my friends on Facebook if they knew of ANYBODY who made lotions, butters or any other moisturizer? The response I got led me straight to M&N Smooth Sensations!

M&N Smooth Sensations specializes in providing their customers with top of the line whipped shea butter products for both men and women. Their products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and hand packaged. With an array of designer inspired scents, everything from "Aqua Di Gio" to "White Linen", I chose "Warm Vanilla Sugar" and "Pink Sugar" to start my experience with this company. The shipping from the company was fast and the packaging was delightful. I had an engagement to attend the night my package arrived so, I figured I'd give them a try in public.

I showered. Applied the shea butter, no perfume, got made up and dressed and left. Let me tell you now, my skin has never been as moisturized as it was when I used M&N Smooth Sensations. My skin stayed hydrated all night, even into the next morning, and the scent was heavenly. Not overpowering but just enough for those around me to wonder what I was wearing. The consistency of the whipped shea butter is light, airy, and makes you feel as if you're treating your skin some super expensive balm made from an ancient recipe. The butter literally melts into your skin and makes it glow.

I didn't want to completely hog the products so I gave some to several of our other staff members to try and the opinions were unanimous. This whipped shea butter from M&N Smooth Sensations is definitely a company favorite!

M&N Smooth Sensations doesn't just stop at taking care of your skin, they've got your hair and beards covered too. This small company is making a big difference in the lives of people who have been struggling to find products that were both effective and economical. You won't break the bank trying to keep your hair and skin in good condition with most of the products running only $20. That's the average price on what most people spend at one fast food restaurant. Trust us, these products are better for your body than anything you can purchase there!

Do your hair and skin a favor, grab your card and head on over to M&N Smooth Sensations NOW!

If you have run a black owned business and would like to be featured in our upcoming #SmallBusinessSpotlight, send us an email at with the subject "Small Business Spotlight"! We'd love to feature your company!


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