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Rihanna Slays Super Bowl Performance and Appears to Make a HUGE Announcement! Reps Confirm!

For those of us who know nothing about sports but love great music, the Super Bowl is a football game that happens on either side of a much anticipated concert. This year's game/concert was one of the most highly anticipated in years. Why? The return of Queen Rihanna that's why!

The "Desperado" singer hadn't performed on stage in roughly seven years! Fans have been begging for new music and, instead of singles, Rihanna has been dropping merchandise. Everything from intimates to lip stick and we've been eating it up. Just nine months ago Rihanna released her greatest work, a baby boy, with her partner A$AP Rocky. Shortly after his birth, the singer accepted the offer to do the Super Bowl halftime show and fans went wild. We just knew we were going to get a tour or new music announcement but, it looks like we got an announcement of another kind.

Yes, a ton of us saw that subtle belly rub and thought, "Hold up, is our good sis pregnant again?" Some were on the fence but still thought the performance was amazing!

For many fans, the thought of Rihanna being pregnant again made them feel as if they weren't ever going to get new music but, others were just excited that RiRi and Rocky may be adding to their family. We noticed that she wasn't dancing as much as she had in the past but, chalked it up to a ton of different other factors. . . Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Umbrella" singer is indeed pregnant with her second child!

During a press conference just days before the performance, Rihanna was asked what were her first thoughts when she was approached to do the Super Bowl and she said “I was like, ‘You sure? I’m three months postpartum. Should I be making major decisions like this right now? I might regret this,'” she said.

“When you become a mom, there’s something that just happens where you feel like you could take on the world — you can do anything,” she added. “And the Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, so as scary as that was … there’s something exhilarating about the challenge of it all,” she said. “It’s important for my son to see that.”

It looks like the decision was made before she knew she was pregnant again, or before conception. We're happy for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky and, still waiting for that new music. You can watch the full performance here.

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