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Random Act of Kindness: Indiana Family Finds a Much Needed Blessing Inside Their Baby Formula!

After 2020, we could all use a bit of #FeelGoodNews! One Newburgh, Indiana couple found themselves the recipients of a random act of kindness that uplifted them during a dark time. Shelbey Banks says that she and her husband have been living paycheck to paycheck for some weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Banks', while facing the same financial uncertainty that many Americans faced, also found themselves to be new parents during the pandemic.

The young family had been struggling to make ends meet and, when their last paycheck went entirely to their rent, they knew that they were in need of a miracle. Banks said that she and her husband had been living as tightly as they could, financially and, only spending what was necessary. Of course, one of the necessities was baby formula for their 7-month-old baby. That's when they got a very pleasant surprise.

“We were opening up the bottle and at the very top, there was just this little neatly folded $5 bill,” Banks said. “And I looked at him like did you maybe put this in here, maybe didn’t have pockets or something? And he was like no I thought you sat it there and I don’t carry change so.”

This $5 bill inside of the baby formula popped up just when Banks said they needed it the most.

“It’s good to know that there are people out there that are willing to help others when they’re in need as a community,” Banks said. “I think that’s an awesome thing.”

This just goes to show that there are still kindhearted people in the world. In this new year, try extending kindness to someone else. You never know who needs it the most.


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