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Popular AI Baby Photo Generator Accused of Producing Inappropriate Images of Children!

Let's face it, we all love a good trend and taking part in the most recent wave has seemed cute. Fun. Cool. Until you find out that the trend could actually be doing more harm than good.

The popular Artificial Intelligence photo generating app, Remini, has come under fire after some users say that the app is producing inappropriate, sometimes nude, photos of children.

Users all over the social media video app TikTok have been creating videos to show others how to use the app to create wedding photos, maternity photos or to even see how their future children would look. That's where the seemingly harmless app takes a turn for the worse.

Users have noticed that the app's default is to post children in simple onsies, or unitards, and, while children do wear them, it's a bit much.

However, the generated photo one user got was far passed "too much" and downright explicit. A Remini app user by the name of Asia Marie Williams posted on Facebook encouraging users to delete the app. Telling them that the app was using their likeness to generate child p*rn! Williams was using the app, like most people, to create a cute toddler version of herself and see what her future daughter would look like. The image she got was that of a little girl who was naked from the waist down!

The subscription based app boasts that it has already revitalized and generated over 100 million photos for hundreds of thousands of users. This is concerning especially with the app's random capability to generate photos with nude children!

All of this, with your permission, just to get a cute mockup of a child?

The European app also holds the right to transfer your data to other entities in other countries. Their website states "We may transfer personal data from the European Economic Area (“EEA”), the UK or Switzerland to other countries outside the EEA." They also state that, in agreeing to use their app, you are allowing them to collect personal information about you that goes beyond just in-app activity. "We collect personal information from several sources: directly from you (for example, when you make purchases within the app or participate in a survey); automatically when you use the app (for example, device information); and from other sources (for example, mobile measurement partners). We also generate inferences about you based on your use of the app and other information we collect."

Now think about it, do you really want the personal data on your phone to be accessed and paraded around other countries?

The app says that the information you give is only stored on their servers for a limited time and that no one can see your content unless you give them expressed permission within the app.

"Remini requires your operating system’s permission to access your image and video library when you use the app.

Once you allow access, your data isn’t stored on our servers except for the short period of time that’s necessary to provide you with the app’s functionalities, or if you provided explicit consent for us to use your images and videos to improve our AI. Even then, your data is only stored for a limited period before being deleted."

Folks on Twitter who expressed their concern over the app say that problems like this occurred the last time artificial intelligence was used to create photos.

Whether you've used this app or not, it still bears caution that we need to be a lot more careful what we give apps permission to.


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