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Paris Jackson Sits Down with Willow Smith for a Candid One-On-One Episode of "Red Table Talk".

Willow Smith, one third of the ladies that make up the "Red Table Talk" crew, had her very first solo interview today with one of the most famously known young people on the planet. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, the only daughter, and middle child, of the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

In the interview the two talk about their anxieties, their love of camping, their shared loathing of the paparazzi and Jackson's attempted suicide. Jackson, 23, shared with Smith, 20, her own personal experiences as the child of one of the world's most famous men. The constant tormenting by the public led Jackson to live a more secluded life, out of the public's eye, until recently when she decided to share her musical talents with the world.

Check out the episode below!

This was a look into the lives of the younger generation that a lot of older people don't normally see. Watching the paparazzi chase Jackson through the airport really made several of us on staff rethink our positions in the public.

We hope that by these two sharing their perceptions with the world that the public will try to be a little more kind to those around them.

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