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Oklahoma Mom Mauled to Death by Friend's Dogs While Housesitting.

What started out as a friendly gesture has left one woman dead and a community seeking answers. Reports say that an Oklahoma mother, housesitting for a friend, was mauled to death by the friend's dogs!

According to KWTV, Deputies said 28-year-old Rebecca McCurdy was house sitting and taking care of someone's dogs. They said evidence suggests two pit bulls attacked and killed her.

Deputies said they were sent to the home just west of Skiatook on Saturday to check on McCurdy but found her dead in the garage.

The homeowner told deputies he raises pit bull dogs for hobby and sale. Deputies said there were several dogs caged in the garage, but when they got there, one cage was toppled over.

Deputies said the medical examiner will determine the cause of death, but they say several signs lead them to believe McCurdy was attacked by the two pit bulls.

Deputies said the dogs were taken into custody and are being held as the investigation continues.

The community is struggling to come to grips with how this could have happened? The homeowner, who owned the dogs, has expressed that their animals were not dangerous and hadn't done anything like this before.

McCurdy's family wrote that she "always had a smile on her face and brought joy and laughter to those around her." Her obituary states. "You never knew if she was going to be sweet and bring home baked goods or if she was going to be mischievous and remove all the batteries from your remotes. She kept everyone on their toes in the best possible way. The void she is leaving behind is vast and wide and our lives will be forever changed without her with us."

This is such a sad case. Prayers for this family


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