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Ohio Mother Arrested After She Allegedly Injected Her Baby with an Unknown Substance!

Police in Columbus, Ohio say that they have a reasonable amount of proof that a mother deliberately tried to cause harm to her 9-month-old baby. That proof comes from hospital personnel who say they saw it happen!

According to the Dispatch, Stephanie Whitley, 26, of Columbus' Northeast Side, had taken her sick infant to the hospital. It was there that she allegedly made the child's sickness much worse.

According to court records, the Columbus Division of Police Physical Abuse Unit was contacted Friday by Nationwide Children's Hospital about the 9-month-old infant, who was being treated there. Detective Andre Edwards wrote in an affidavit that the child was in a hospital room with her parents when hospital personnel witnessed the mother inject an unknown substance into the child with a syringe.

The infant was rushed to the hospital's intensive care unit to receive emergency treatment but went into cardiac arrest shortly thereafter. Physicians obtained a blood sample to determine what substance was administered to the infant but those reports have not yet been made public.

Shortly after the child was stabilized, an arrest warrant was issued for Whitley. Her husband, who lives in the same residence, was not charged. Another child, in their care, was taken from the home and place in the custody of Franklin County Children's Services.

Whitley remains in the Franklin County Jail on a charge of felonious assault with a $100,000 bond. She is due in Franklin County Municipal Court to answer to her charges this week.


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