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Ohio Man Arrested in Pennsylvania After Stealing a Car with Two Children Inside.

A Zanesville, Ohio man was arrested last night after he stole a car with two children inside and fled the state.

Last night around 5:15p.m. a Zanesville woman called the police station in distress. She said that she had pulled up at a dance studio to drop off a child and left her other two children, ages 1 and 3, in her unlocked car. She was only inside the building for a short period of time but said when she came out of the building her car was gone and so were her young children.

The police issued an AMBER Alert immediately for the vehicle with a description of the children.

According to reports a citizen saw the vehicle in the Washington, Pennsylvania and called Pennsylvania State Police, who found the vehicle at 7:55 p.m.

Police said the children were found safe and they were taken to a hospital for evaluation. The children have since been reunited with their families.

The suspect was identified as 46-year-old Thomas Pritchard, of Zanesville, and he was booked into the Washington County Jail without bail.

We're thankful that this situation didn't turn out for the worse and that these children were unharmed but, we've got to stress how this could have been avoided. Parents, no matter how big of a hassle it is, PLEASE stop leaving your children in vehicles. Locked or not.

Pritchard is being charged with two counts of kidnapping, endangering children, grand theft of motor, driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless endangerment and receiving stolen property.



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