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North Carolina Cops Showed Up Deep to Murder Andrew Brown Jr.

A North Carolina man has died at the hands of police and the public demands to know why!

42-year-old Andrew Brown Jr. was gunned down by Elizabeth City, North Carolina police officers while he sat in his car with his hands on his steering wheel. The horrific shooting happened last week, April 21 while police were attempting to execute a search warrant. A short clip of body cam footage shows Brown sitting in his vehicle, in a driveway, boxed in by police officers. They showed up with their guns at the ready. A terrified Brown attempted to leave the scene but was gunned down.

Witnesses say that the police department showed up in record number for this type of warrant execution and the public would like to know why this many officers were called in?

According to their news affiliate WAVY the video was obtained through a FOIA request. It is not the deputy body camera video. Officials have yet to release that to the public. Some of Brown’s family members and lawyers were allowed to privately view 20 seconds of body camera footage from one deputy’s camera on Monday afternoon, though.

In the city-owned video, Elizabeth City Police Chief Eddie Buffalo provided to WAVY News 10, you can see deputies arriving in the back of a pickup truck on Wednesday, April 21. The city camera is mounted on a utility pole along Brown’s street.

The truck turns toward Brown’s driveway. You can hear deputies yell, “Get your hands up.”

The video begins to glitch at this point and audio drops out for about 20 seconds. This is reportedly when the gunfire is taking place. Buffalo told WAVY News the loud sounds caused the camera to glitch.

Witnesses have said Brown was driving away at the time and deputies fired several rounds, killing him.

After the shooting, seven deputies were placed on administrative leave and three resigned. The three who resigned were not directly involved in the shooting, Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Wooten said. One was nearing retirement.

Brown's family, and everyone who has viewed the footage, have more questions than answers! No one should be shot dead for fleeing.

Brown’s family has acknowledged he had faults, but said he wasn’t a violent person and should not have been killed.

“He was a good guy. Everybody has their flaws. He was trying to get his kids back,” said his brother Antron Brown.

No one deserves to die like this for reasons as simple as this. Of course, there's always more to the story and we'll report on it as more details become available.


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