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Newborn Baby's Body Found Near Lake in Maryville,Missouri Just Days Before Memorial Day.

As many people in American are gearing up to honor fallen soldiers this Memorial Day weekend, and a day off from work. One person is coming to grips after making a grim discovery while on the job.

Police in Maryville, Missouri say that a recreational park worker, at the Mozingo Lake Recreation Park, making their rounds found the body of a deceased newborn. The employee was patrolling the park on Saturday May 25th when they came upon the body of the small baby. It is unclear right now how long the newborn's body had been in that area.

Right now, authorities are trying to determine whether the child was stillborn, if it was intentionally killed or left to die after it was born. They are also working hard to find the child's mother. Prayerfully alive and unharmed.

There have been no recent reports known for missing newborns or pregnant women in that immediate area and the authorities are asking for the public's help.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Maryville Police Department, as soon as possible, at 660-562-3209.

Mozingo Lake is about 90 minutes north of downtown Kansas City.


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