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Missing 5-Month-Old Kason Thomass was Found by Chance and the Intuition of Two Indiana Women.

A Columbus, Ohio family has had a horrendous week after their 5-month-old twins were abducted during a car theft on Monday. As we previously reported, the children's mother left them in her running car while she picked up a pizza in an area of Columbus, Ohio referred to as the "Short North". Witnesses say that when the mother walked into the store a woman, identified as Nalah Jackson, walked out and got into the car!

Kason and Kyair Thomass, five-month-old twins, were in the backseat of that car described as a black Honda Accord with front end damage. Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant said during the press conference that Jackson was a homeless woman inside the store and identified by Donatos workers. Jackson left when the mother walked up to the store and before officers got to the scene at 9:52 p.m. Early the next morning one of the babies was found, strapped in his carseat, in the parking lot of the Dayton airport.

The entire state and surrounding area began to hunt for Kason and although there were tons of tips, there hadn't been any leads. Until last night.

Two Indiana women who say they gave a ride to Nalah Jackson were instrumental in her arrest and locating baby Kason. The women, Shyann Delmar and her cousin Mecka Curry, say that they gave a ride to a woman that they didn't know. They'd earlier bought a toy off of the woman who then asked for a ride. Delmar and Curry say that the woman looked oddly familiar to them so they decided to do a little detective work. They pulled up the mugshot that was released in the missing child case and sure enough, they believed they had the woman in their car!

The cousins called police and tried to articulate what they thought was going on but the police didn't really think they were on to something. Frustrated, they hung up. They took Jackson to several stores, each time calling the police when she left the car. Finally, one officer called them back as they were driving and, not wanting to tip off the woman, who said her name was "Mae", Curry said she pretended to be talking to a friend and indicated they were driving on I-65 south. The women said police found their car and conducted a traffic stop. "Mae" at that point went quiet, the women said. Curry said a police officer initially seemed skeptical about whether it was Jackson, and said they should take her to a shelter.

Curry said she showed police a screenshot of Jackson’s mugshot and after comparing the woman in the car, the officer decided she did in fact appear to be Jackson and took her into custody about 2 p.m. Thursday.

Now, the real search began and the first clue was right under the cousin's noses. . . or, should we say, in their backseat!

"Mae" had left behind a bus schedule.

Since the stolen Honda that Jackson is accused of driving also was missing, they decided to trace the bus route and look for vehicles covered in snow that would indicate the car hadn't moved in a while. At that point, a dangerous winter storm was on the brink of reaching Indianapolis and snow had started falling.

The first stop was 16th Street and then they drove to a shopping center in Speedway and checked out several cars there without success.

The women were about to give up, they said, and were getting hungry. They saw a Papa John's on Indiana Avenue and were thinking about getting food when they saw a Honda in a parking lot covered in snow.

Curry said she ran to the car and saw baby legs in the back seat and the baby’s face in the rear-view mirror, and her heart began racing, knowing this had to be the vehicle. The back car door was locked, and she feared the worst after hearing no sound. Delmar said she saw a couple officers inside a Blaze Pizza nearby and rushed to tell them about the baby.

"We've been alerted that the missing child may be located over here at the vehicle at 10th and Indiana," an officer is heard saying at about 6:40 p.m. in police radio communications.

Seconds later, "We have custody of the child that's missing."

As officers were relaying the information to dispatchers, women can be heard in the background screaming with relief.

“At that point, we didn’t believe we really did this. We really did the unthinkable,” Curry said.

Indianapolis police announced on Twitter at 9:24 p.m. Thursday the child had been found. Accompanying the tweet was a photo of Sgt. Shawn Anderson holding baby Kason inside a Papa Johns.

Delmar can be seen in the background.

Our entire staff was praying for this child's safe return and that he'd be reunited with his family before Christmas and all of our prayers were answered.


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