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Marla Gibbs, 90, Nearly Faints After Being Overcome by Heat During Walk of Fame Acceptance Speech.

Legendary actress Marla Gibbs had a very eventful day today! The 90-year-old superstar, best known for her roles in sitcoms "The Jeffersons" and "227" received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and caused quite a stir during her acceptance speech.

Gibbs was receiving the 2,698th star from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at the event held outside the El Capitan Entertainment Center on Hollywood Boulevard, which was attended by television producer Norman Lear and actress Tisha Campbell who made earlier speeches. Campbell and Lear had given speeches honoring Gibbs and, when it was Gibbs turn to speak, things took a left.

According to the NY Daily News, after thanking the event organizers and Lear, Gibbs paused and closed her eyes, as the temperature in Los Angeles rose to 88 degrees in the afternoon sun. Her son quickly stepped in to catch her from falling.

A chair was rushed to the stage where Gibbs was then seated and then later moved to an indoor facility.

The event, which was being broadcast live on the Hollywood Walk of Fame website, was briefly interrupted but did resume about 30 minutes later. Gibbs is said to be in good spirits after cooling off.

Listen, with all of this excitement and extreme temperatures this could have happened to almost anyone. We're thankful that she's doing well after this brief scare!


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