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Lifetime Set to Premiere a Crazy New Murder Mystery "Sister Wife Murder" Starring Dia Nash.

If you watched the Netflix limited series "Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" that starred Evan Peters, Nicecy Nash and Molly Ringwald, you, number one deserve a treat today and, number two, saw a familiar face playing Niecy Nash's daughter.

In the film,Niecy's character, Glenda Cleveland, has a daughter names Sandra Smith. The actress who played this character was the spitting image of Niecy Nash. While some folks thought that it was just excellent casting, those of us who used to watch Niecy Nash's reality show "Leave it to Niecy", actually knew that the young woman who played Sandra Smith, is actually Nash's youngest daughter, Dia Nash.

This wasn't the only time the two worked on a project together. Back in 2018 Dia actually played the younger version of her mother in the hit television show "Claws".

Now, the baby of the Nash bunch is in a film for Lifetime, all on her own and in some serious trouble!

Lifetime has officially announced that they've cast Dia Nash in their newest film "Sister Wife Murder"!

Here's the film's synopsis according to LIfetime and A+E Networks:

Sister Wife Murder follows Chloe (Dia Nash), who after attending church for the first time one Sunday, becomes enamored with her pastor, Caleb (Matthew Daddario). In between secret moments and stolen glances, she falls in love with him only to learn that he’s already married with not one, but two wives. Despite their unorthodox situation, Chloe is overjoyed when he proposes.

After experiencing Caleb’s controlling behavior, she quickly realizes that their love was a far cry from happily-ever-after. Chloe and the other wives, Anna (Ashley Williams) and Margo (Ashley Dulaney), only have each other to depend on and when one of them mysteriously disappears, Chloe fears that she may be next.

Sister Wife Murder is produced by Hybrid with Manu Boyer serving as executive producer and directs from a script written by Peter Sullivan.

Sister Wife Murder will premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, July 13 at 8p/7c. We will definitely be tuning in!


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