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Legit Work from Home Opportunities that Pay Well and Don't Always Require a Phone!

Ok, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it's taught us that we can't always depend on our jobs and careers to bring in enough money to keep our households afloat.

Recently one of our staff members, while researching businesses owned by Black women, stumbled upon the website Two Chicks with a Side Hustle. When we tell you that these women go above and beyond to make sure that they cover every area of "work from home" job opportunities, we mean it!

There are tons of jobs to choose from and, not all of them require you to be on the telephone or in a quiet area of your house all day. Just as the employment opportunities vary, so does the rate of pay but, we can assure you that you're not forced to pick a job, or even have just one of them.

We've talked to several people who have used this website to land jobs that will being in "a little extra" and some reported to us that with just ONE side hustle, that takes just minutes per day, they're bringing in an extra $100 per week. One of the lades we talked to says that she works her "side hustle" while she had down time at work and makes enough to pay for all of her monthly streaming services.

Now, the women we talked to were employed full-time and not looking for anything big but, we've seen their other success stories and, if you'd like to become one of them, we urge you to check out their website, explore all of the jobs but, most importantly, check out their YouTube channel where they give you tips on interviewing and how certain jobs operate.

These jobs are perfect for students, mothers or just about anyone who wants to work from home. Keep in mind that some are for specific age groups and genders due to the nature of the job but, all are welcome to take a look!

Happy job hunting!


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