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#IKYFL Texas Boy was Beaten, Bullied and Forced to Drink Urine While Attending a Sleepover!

If this case doesn't prove that racism is still alive and well we don't know what is. A 13-year-old Texas boy was beaten, bullied, called racial slurs and forced to drink urine at a sleepover. The child's mother has been trying to get justice for her son for MONTHS!

SeMarion Humphrey’s mother, Summer Smith, said she has been reporting incidents to his school for months. However, the tipping point came from an incident at a sleepover last month.

Here's the report from CBS:

"Smith posted a now viral video on Facebook, accusing her son’s classmates of forcing Humphrey, 13, to drink urine. She claimed the sleepover was orchestrated by the kids to purposefully bully him.

Smith said one of the classmates befriended Humphrey a month before to get him to go. She also said it was that night that he was shot with BB guns, hit in his sleep and called racial slurs.

“How horrible must you be. This is not a prank. This is beyond bullying. You are evil, they are evil,” Smith said about the accused students during a news conference today, March 5th.

The mother said Humphrey has been harassed, degraded and physically and mentally tortured by students at his school. But despite making reports, she said she didn’t receive help from staff.

“When you say there’s nothing you can do, what do you mean exactly? Because it seems to me that there’s plenty you can do…” Smith said. “It was premeditated and obvious that SeMarion was only invited for their pure entertainment.”

This story has swept across the internet like wildfire and not because of news coverage of the incident but, because Smith has been relentless in seeking justice for her son. She posted a message to social media asking the question "Why is it ok for these kids to continue to remain football players and go to school freely without consequences???

Why was it ok 5 years ago for PISD to "handle matters that occurred off-campus" when it came to an accident, but "their hands are tied" with these other matters?"

As of this reporting the Plano, Texas school department hasn't done anything to take responsibility for the part of the bullying that took place on their campus. Neither have they given the boys involved, all white, any type of punishment.

A GoFundMe has been started to help raise money for SeMarion's transition to private school and for his therapy and counseling following these traumatic events.

We will definitely be keeping the public updated on this case as more details become available.


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