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Gospel Artist and Actress Kierra Sheard-Kelly Adds Author to Her Title with "Big, Bold & Beautiful"!

Everyone who knows me knows I love a good book! Especially the ones that are birthed from real life experiences and life lessons. I love them so much that I wrote my own book, "Sometimes, Sis, it's You!", to help women see the things that we do that sabotage our relationships. Being a "permanent student" of life who is always willing to learn new things, I pre-ordered Kierra Sheard-Kelly's book "Big, Bold & Beautiful" LAST YEAR! Yeah, I was excited for this one!

I grabbed the Audible version of this book because my life is pretty crazy and I can't always designate time to read a physical book. Having the author read to me while I'm driving for hours is definitely a plus!

I didn't expect Sheard-Kelly to dive as deep as she did into her life outside of church but the glimpse of the woman behind the voice was so authentic and refreshing.

In an interview with BET, Sheard talked about her journey to self-empowerment, body positivity, how her faith has shaped her and loving her whole self.

Sheard revealed that while she discovered a lot about herself during the writing process, she never intended to write a book and let others into her private thoughts, saying, “The book wasn’t intentional, It actually me journaling through life as a form of therapy. The things I learned about myself are I’m sensitive, I can be a bulldog, I don’t like confrontation, I’m very sensitive with vibes, I’m a family person, I’m a workaholic and I love serving people. I love seeing people win.

Coming from a famous, church-going family, Sheard also talked about the pros and cons of being Gospel royalty.

“The pros are the blessings that you get naturally, to be able to sing. Music is my family… The cons come from the pressure of legacy that’s been established in the public eye.”

Sheard spoke about how her faith in God not only has sustained during quarantine, but it helped her manage the loss of her beloved nana, Willa Mae Sheard, who passed away from Covid-19 last April.

"Big, Bold & Beautiful" isn't just your regular "how to be like Jesus" book it's a manual for getting your money right, having an entrepreneur mindset and loving the skin you're in. Yes, true to her newly married self, Sheard-Kelly does include scripture references and prayers of affirmation for each chapter but, it's not overly dogmatic and unwelcoming to the "un-churched". I say that because this book should be read by everyone, not just those who subscribe to the Christian faith. Yes, faith is at the forefront but, don't we all have faith? We do.

Whether you're fighting with "keeping yourself" or if you've been a bad steward of your money, there's something for almost everyone in this book. If you've been struggling to love yourself, just as you are, there's a lesson in this book on accountability and how being accountable to your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Listen, I'm a curvy woman too but, there's a difference between loving your curves and living a healthier lifestyle. If you're bound by fear, there's a lesson here for you too!

"Big, Bold & Beautiful: Owning the Woman God Made You to Be" is available in hardcover, Kindle, audiobook and CD!


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