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"Give me my baby, or I’m going to kill you" Washington Man Shoots a Grandmother, His Baby, Himself.

A SeaTac area family is devastated today after a man barged into their home on Saturday and shot multiple family members. Reports say that 46-year-old Dion Johnson went to his former girlfriend's home demanding to have his son. The child's mother, Astride Simon, says that he barged in searching for their 17-month-old baby and eventually found him in her mother's room.

She told authorities that Johnson stormed into her mother's room and said ‘Give me my baby, or I’m going to kill you,’ she then said “My mom didn’t see a gun. So my mom said, ‘Go ahead.’ He pulled out the gun and just shot her like two times, one in the leg, one in the arm.”

Then he turned the gun on their son.

“And my baby was shot in the stomach,” Simon said. “And the baby was shot in the leg. And the baby was shot in the hip. He’s in critical condition at this point.”

Surveillance video shows Johnson calmly leaving the Simon home and essentially disappearing.

Johnson fled the scene and was on the run until he called police saying he wanted to turn himself in early Sunday. Police reports say that Johnson had made contact with them, meaning to turn himself in but he never did. KIRO reports that “Deputies responded to 118 68th Avenue South,” said Sgt. Tim Meyer, King County Sheriff’s spokesman. “Subject began to walk northbound from my location here. As deputies contacted him, he took his own life.”

Meyer would not formally identify the man investigators said is here. But he indicated they are no longer looking for Johnson.

Now, those he hurt are having to live with the devastation he has left behind.

“Thank the God my mother is all right,” said Simon, her voice breaking. “But I ask everyone to pray for my baby. I ask everyone to pray for my baby, please.”

Simon's mother and her son are both still hospitalized.

This family has been traumatized and could definitely use our prayers.


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