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Florida Woman Who Abandoned Three Children in Different Locations is NOT Their Mother!

On Monday March 1, Florida officials got a call that a woman had abandoned a child at a local gas station. The call came in to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office around 5am saying that a "woman in a white 2018 Chevy Equinox just abandoned an 8-year-old child at a gas station on Okeechobee Boulevard near Drexel Road."

Police went to the location and retrieved the child and held them while they tried to find a relative.

Four hours later, the sheriff's office said West Palm Beach Police took another call that a woman abandoned a 3-year-old child at a Publix store on S. Rosemary Avenue in West Palm Beach.

Fifteen minutes later, the sheriff's office said West Palm Beach Police said someone spotted the woman's car at the corner of North Ocean Boulevard and Sunrise in Palm Beach. When police arrived, officers saw the woman walk away from the white Chevy Equinox, abandoning a 1-year-old child inside the locked SUV.

A short time later the police were able to track down the woman they say is responsible for abandoning the children. She's been identified as 36-year-old Miesha Perkins of Louisiana. Now, here's where things take a turn for the worse.

Authorities say that Perkins, the father of the children and the children were traveling from Palm Beach County from Louisiana. The say that somehow, along the way, the father of the children was "removed", or put out of the car, and Perkins continued driving with his children. During that drive Perkins decided to start dropping off the children in different locations around the city.

This is just about one of the craziest things that we've heard! This woman, allegedly, fell out with the father so she decided to start hiding his children like Easter eggs around Palm Beach. Absolutely despicable! Perkins is being held on three counts of child-neglect but, we don't think that is enough. She WILLINGLY put these kids in harm's way because she had a falling out with their father. Right now, she's still being held in a Palm Beach jail and honestly, that's probably the safest place for her because. . . if their mother is around, this could be an entirely different story!

Prayers for these babies!


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