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Florida Father Shoots His Children, Killing One, Just After Their Mom Kisses Them Goodnight.

A Florida father has been charged with one of the worst crimes ever after authorities say she intentionally shot his two small children.

Police were called to a home in the 13,000 block of Heritage Club Drive on August 29, 2022, just after 10:30 p.m., on reports of a shooting. Once they arrived at the scene, deputies located two young children with injuries. Both children were rushed to Tampa General Hospital. The 5-year-old victim was pronounced deceased at the hospital. The 8-year-old victim is currently in critical condition.

The children's mother told police that she had just gone into the children's room, where they share bunkbeds, and kissed the children goodnight. She recalls her daughter pretending to be asleep and "giggling" when she kissed her. The children's mother then went into the bathroom and while she was inside, she heard three gunshot blasts.

The mother at first thought the sound was coming from outside, but she determined it was too close, the sheriff said. Fearing for her life, she ran outside and encountered a next-door neighbor, who also heard the shots and called 911.

According to documents, she eventually encountered her husband holding their son, who was cold and had blood on him.

Deputies could not get any information out of the mother, with prosecutors describing her as “hysterical.” Investigators said they found the father on a couch downstairs, holding his son. The child was awake and complaining about his head hurting, officials said.

Jermaine Bass, 30, is charged with Murder in the First Degree Premeditated Firearm Discharge Multiple Wounds Causing Death, Attempted Murder in the First Degree Premeditated Firearm Discharge, and Aggravated Child Abuse Firearm Causing Critical Injuries.

Bass insisted that the shootings were accidental but, the rest of the details of the story would prove otherwise. Those details are too disturbing to post but can be read here.

"This is a horrific experience no parent should have to go through," said Sheriff Chad Chronister. "This is an experience no law enforcement or first responder should ever have to witness. We as a sheriff's office are struggling today. I hope that this individual feels the full weight of the criminal justice system and never sees the light of day where he can ever be in a position to harm another human being."

Although authorities seem to have all of the evidence that they need, this case is still under investigation.



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