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Drunken Father Falls Asleep on the Couch and Suffocates His Infant Daughter Between the Cushions. Both Parents Charged with Murder.

Two parents from Michigan are being charged with murder after their 6-month-old baby was found dead between the cushions of their couch.

Police say that on December 13, 2023 Ladesha Powe, 29, Jose Roldan Jr., 40, admitted to drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana then, falling asleep together on their couch. Powe admitted to detectives that she was "a lot far gone, wasted maybe, like very, very wasted" before falling asleep by Jose Roldan's feet on the couch with her daughter, Faith Hope Roldan, in her arms. Roldan said he had nine or 10 "tall boys," or 25-ounce cans of beer before eventually falling asleep on the couch as well. Neither of them were in the condition to be caring for their infant.

The couple's surveillance cameras inside their home captured what happened next.

At some point, living room footage shows the girl fell out of her mother's arms and landed between the cushions of the couch according to court documents. When Jose Roldan adjusts himself, during his sleep, baby Faith becomes completely smothered, kicking her feet and crying before she becomes lifeless, documents said.

Later on the living room footage shows Powe appear to wake up, look for her daughter, presumably giving up when she can't find her and then going to her bedroom where she sleeps for the rest of the night.

The two would wake the next morning to find their little one lifeless. She was taken to Bronson Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

A WMU medical examiner determined the baby's cause of death was mechanical asphyxia and the manner of death is homicide.

Both Powe and Jose Roldan were charged with second-degree child abuse, according to court records.

Bond was set for both of them at $100,000 cash/surety. They are scheduled to return to court in late April.


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