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Ciara Finds Unknown Famous Cousin During the New Season of "Finding Your Roots" with Henry Louis Gates Jr. on PBS.

Have you ever looked at an old family photo and wondered about the people in it? What were their lives really like? Did they have some hidden past or a dark secret? One thing we can say, around here, we LOVE to do deep dives into history! Whether it's hours spent on Ancestry or combing through old newspapers, we're going to find what we're looking for. The PBS award winning show, "Finding Your Roots" hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr., gives our nosy addiction a fix like none other. We get to learn about the lives of celebs, and those brave, sometimes wild, people who made them. It's the deep, DNA assisted, dive into the past that proves everyone, no matter who they are, has had a humble beginning and much to be thankful for.

In its tenth season "Finding Your Roots" takes a look at the life of one of our favorite celebrities. R&B singer, philanthropist, wife and mother, Ciara. Ciara, born Ciara Harris, sat down with Gates Jr. believing that her family hailed from New York, were all believed to be of African descent and that there wouldn't be many surprises along the journey. Every last one of these was wrong.

Though we can't tell you much, strict embargo and all, we can say that the "Goodies" singer and wife of Denver Broncos quarterback, Russell Wilson, found a relative who is into sports as well. We can't say who he is but, no one ever said we COULDN'T say he's a former Major League Baseball player who spent 20 years with the New York Yankees!

During the episode, Ciara also discovered that a great grandfather she lived with as a child had a complicated paternity and an ancestor who got caught up in a bad contract and ended up working, almost as a slave, for free.

The "Finding Your Roots" episode, featuring Ciara and pop singer Alanis Morissette, entitled "Born to Sing" premieres Tuesday, January 2, 2024, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET.


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