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Chloe Bailey Releases Official Video from Her New Single "Pray it Away" and it's Perfect!

Just ahead of her first solo album release, Chloe Bailey, one half of Chloe & Halle, has dropped yet another single. "Pray it Away" is the perfect anthem for someone who's been cheated on. It's the music you play when you know you have no one else to talk to the situation about because your friends can't stand the ex anyway!

Check out some of the lyrics:

Can't talk to my friends 'cause they hate you too

And if the option's violence, don't make me choose it

God knows my heart, I'm wildin', wildin'

So close to doin' somethin'

Maybe I should go and take it to church (Uh)

And wash it away 'cause I want that nigga to hurt

But I'ma just pray it away before I give him what he deserves first

Ah (Ah), ah (Ah)

Take it to church

Yeah, this song is definitely one you play when you're in your feelings! Take a look at this stunning video!

You've got to admit it, this song is amazing. Our only gripe is that it's not longer!! We really could have listened to AT LEAST five more minutes of "Pray it Away".

Chloe's solo album "In Pieces" will debut March 2023! You can pre-save the album right now by clicking here. We can't wait!


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