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Carolyn Bryant Donham, the Woman Who WRONGFULLY Accused Emmett Till, Has Died.

Carolyn Bryant Donham, the woman who wrongfully accused Emmett Till of harassing her, has died of natural causes.

Donham accused Till of wolf-whistling at her in 1955 in Mississippi when he was 14 and she was 21.

The allegation - which has never been proven nor disproven - triggered her husband and brother-in-law to kidnap Till, beat him senselessly and savagely, and lynch him.

Till's horribly beaten and maimed body was found later, in a body of water, so disfigured that he looked nothing like the beautiful boy he'd been in life.

Till's mother, Mamie Till-Mosely, insisted that her son have an open casket so that the world could see how her son had been beaten. Those photos sent a shockwave around the world with more and more people calling for justice that would not come.

Donham's husband was charged and acquitted over Till's death, she was never arrested.

A grand jury was impaneled to weigh charges against her last year but jurors declined to indict her.

Around the same time, an unpublished memoir written by Donham - in which she called herself a 'victim' - was made public.

She claimed in memoir that she never told her husband or his brother to hurt Till, and that she never identified him.

Recent films and calls for justice have fallen on deaf ears as the public lobbied for Donham to be brought to justice for setting the wheels that led to Till's death in motion. Begging the country to finally do the right thing in honor of Till's mother and her fight for his memory. Till-Mosely died in 2003 still seeking justice for her slain son.

Donham got to go on with her life, raise her children and see more generations after them.

Donham was receiving hospice care for an unknown cancer, according to the Calcasieu Parish Coroner's Office today. She got to live to the old age of 88.

Till's relatives are yet to respond to the news of her death.


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