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Beyonce' Drops Two New Singles During the Super Bowl and an Anticipated Release Date for Renaissance Act II! [LISTEN]

Leave it to Beyonce to interrupt the nation's football frenzy with an announcement!

Queen Bey surprised viewers with a Verizon commercial where she was attempting to break the internet. She ran a lemonade stand, ran for "Beyonce of the United States", dropped a BarBey doll, performed on top of the Las Vegas sphere and STILL couldn't break Verizon's reliable internet.

In a final attempt to break it, Beyonce decided to become the first woman to perform live from space. When that didn't break the internet she said "You ain't gonna break me". The singer zooms off in her space shit and you can hear her saying "Ok. They ready. Drop the new music".

Fans thought that she was playing. . . until we all got notifications that she posted new video teasers!

Yes, she was dead serious! We're getting Renaissance Act II and it's a country album!! Now, here's a little known fact: I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. Mixing one of my favorite genres with one of my favorite artists is like a slice of heaven! Then, she released the visualizers!!

Beyonce fans, myself included, don't have long to wait for the full album. Renaissance Act II will be released March 29, 2024! Now this probably explains why Queen Bey has been rocking cowboy hats in public for the last few months! Yee Haw!


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