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ATL Gunman Allegedly Screamed "I'm Going to Kill All the Asians!" Before He Opened Fire Killing 8!

Robert Aaron Long, 21, has been arrested after shooting and killing eight people in Atlanta just days ago. The Atlanta Police Department has said that Long told them the murders were not racially motivated but, we all know better.

At a news conference, the deputy, Captain Jay Baker, the spokesman for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, discussed the frame of mind of the man charged with eight counts of murder in Tuesday’s shootings. He said that the suspect, Long, of Woodstock, Ga., had understood the gravity of his actions when he was interviewed by investigators on Wednesday morning.

“He was pretty much fed up and had been kind of at the end of his rope,” Captain Baker said. “Yesterday was a really bad day for him, and this is what he did.”

It was this comment, by Baker, that led to public uproar.

That uproar led to some digging into Baker's background where the good citizens of the internet found Facebook posts from March 30 and April 2 of last year by Captain Baker, in which he promoted sales of an anti-Asian T-shirt. The shirts, echoing the rhetoric of President Donald J. Trump, referred to the coronavirus as an “imported virus from Chy-na.” Baker even seemed to promote the selling of the shirts saying "Place your order while they last."

Of course Baker hasn't been available for comment on this subject and the public is calling for action to be taken against him. Most of which are demanding he be fired!

The entire system is rigged to paint White Supremacy as a "bad day", "lone wolf" and mentally ill individual suffering a breakdown when it's really the culture of those who thrive on hatred! Robert Aaron Long knew what he was going to do that day and he knew exactly who he was going to do it to!

New reports have said that Long struggles with a porn addiction and was trying to "rid" the world of the massage parlors that he feels encourage his addiction, calling them a "temptation". GTFOH!

The driving time between two of the massage parlors is at least 30 minutes. This terrorist drove 30 minutes from one place to another in order to commit a pre-planned murder! According to Chosun, a Korean news outlet, a witness at the scene says that Long said “I’m going to kill all the Asians” during his tirade. Long drove roughly 200 miles the day he committed these murders and we will not diminish the lives of the eight people lost by saying this man had a "bad day".

Eight people have died. Six of them being Asian women. Four of those women were from South Korean. Eight people. . .NO PEOPLE should die because anyone has a bad day!

Just when we were beginning to think that the world was going to hell in a hand-basket. Long was turned in by an unusual pair. His parents, upon seeing his photo in surveillance video shared by police, turned him in, and helped police find him using a tracker that had been placed in his car. This is how you make things right. You see that someone you know and love has done something horrible and you help the side of the good by turning them in.

When asked if Long would be potentially facing hate crimes, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms said “I think whatever the stiffest, most appropriate charges there are, this guy should face those charges.”

At this time, Long has been charged with multiple counts of murder and is being held indefinitely. We're praying for swift justice for the Asian community.

This has got to stop.


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