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Alabama Man, Locked Up for Robbery, Breaks Back INTO Jail After Escaping!

We're struggling to keep a straight face while reporting this story! An Alabama man allegedly broke out of jail to pick up some contraband from an outside source and then snuck back in. Authorities say that Reginald Howell, of Mobile, escaped from the county jail then, used bolt cutters to cut through the fenced in perimeter and get back in.

Howell was in the detention center awaiting trial sentencing for previous robberies. In January 2018 Howell was found to be connected to a Walgreen's robbery, investigated by the Mobile County Sheriff's Office. He was also tied to another robbery several months later in May.

He was charged with third-degree burglary for his alleged involvement but, had yet to be formally tried and sentenced.

In October 2020, Reginald Howell was housed in the Conecuh County Jail pending trial in the Southern District of Alabama on a 14-count indictment alleging multiple counts of robbery conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances, burglary involving controlled substances, and brandishing a firearm.

Alabama officials say that they are unsure how Howell managed to get out of the facility but that he left, picked up contraband from a connect on the outside and then cut through the fence to bring the contraband back inside.

He is now being charged with one count of escape.

Howell is scheduled to be sentenced on May 7. The maximum penalty that could be imposed for the offense is five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. His trial on the remaining charges against him is scheduled for April 2021.


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