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A&E Presents All-New Biography Specials Featuring Rock Legends Bret Michaels, Dee Snider, Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar, and Sebastian Bach.

A&E offers viewers a backstage pass to the celebrated careers of some of hard rock’s greatest legends with new specials celebrating rock icons Bret Michaels, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar, and Sebastian Bach. Produced by Banger Films in association with A+E Factual Studios™ group under the award-winning “Biography®” banner, the specials will feature exclusive interviews with each of the artists and those closest to them.

Beginning Sunday, June 16 at 9pm ET, the nostalgia inducing specials will go behind-the-scenes to the artists’ journeys to fame, legendary careers, and iconic music that defined the genre then and now.

“Biography: Bret Michaels”Premiering Sunday, June 16 at 9pm ET, “Biography: Bret Michaels” kicks off the series, chronicling how a boy from small-town Pennsylvania and Type-1 Diabetic became a pop culture icon, philanthropist, and one of the most recognizable faces in America. The two-hour special explores how grit and determination turned Bret Michaels into the ultimate front man known for his high-octane stage presence, how he struggled to keep Poison together, survived several near-death experiences, and embarked on a remarkable series of business ventures. From “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels,” to winning “Celebrity Apprentice,” the special showcases how his journey propelled him toward immense success both as a celebrated solo artist and the frontman of the band Poison.

“Biography: Dee Snider”Premiering Sunday, June 23 at 9pm ET, “Biography: Dee Snider” shares the untold story of how Snider went from a high school choir boy to one of the most recognized faces in hard rock. The special depicts the disappointment of record label rejection and how this rejection ultimately led him to write the hit song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Viewers are taken on a whirlwind adventure as they find out just how far success would fuel Snider’s ego before things started to go wrong.

“Biography: Alice Cooper”Premiering Sunday, June 23 at 10pm ET, “Biography: Alice Cooper” explores the highs and lows of an incredible journey and genre defining artist. Shock rock, hard rock, amazing rock—Alice Cooper and his pioneering group have been described as the founders of it all. From a kid with asthma in Detroit who had an obsession with art and performance to one of the most celebrated characters in music history as the frontman of the groundbreaking Alice Cooper Group to the challenges of addiction that turned the man into a character with the desire to offend, the special delves into the incredible career and legacy of a rock icon and his legendary band.

“Biography: Sammy Hagar”Premiering Sunday, June 30 at 9pm ET, “Biography: Sammy Hagar” traces Hagar’s path to fame, beginning as a poverty-stricken child, to the lead singer of the band Montrose, to launching a successful solo career, and ultimately joining Van Halen. The special explores how Hagar helped Van Halen get their first ever number one hit, uncovers what led a band that was on the top of world to suddenly split apart, and how Hagar has continued to leave his mark on the hard rock genre.

“Biography Sebastian Bach”Premiering Sunday, June 30 at 10pm ET, “Biography: Sebastian Bach” outlines how a small-town kid from Canada became the ultimate bad boy of hard rock. From a job offer as a rock front man at age 14 to a last-minute wedding invitation that led to him meeting the Bon Jovi family and joining Skid Row, the special explores the highs and lows of Bach’s incredible career.


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