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Woman at the Center of Quawan Charles Investigation Has a Long Criminal History.

The case surrounding Quawan "Bobby" Charles' death is getting crazier and crazier as the days pass. Originally the Iberia Parrish Police said that 15-year-old Charles had drowned but later, after outside pressure, decided to investigate his death as a homicide.

Charles was last seen leaving his father's home on Friday October 30 with Gavin Irvin, 17, and his 37-year-old mother Janet Irvin. His body was found in a muddy body of water on Monday November 3. The Irvin's were questioned by the police early in the investigation then were seen moving from the trailer home they were in at the time of Charles' disappearance.

Until this point, little was actually known about the Irvin's but, a dark and sordid past has come to light. According to Daily Mail, Janet Irvin has an "extensive arrest record that includes drug-related charges as well as burglary and receiving stolen property.

That's not all, she also temporarily lost the custody of two of her three children a decade ago after she was accused of domestic violence and neglect by her children's father, according to court records in Lafayette, Lousianna.

The man, Joshua Romero, accused Irvin in a hand-written statement to a local family court of suffering from drug and alcohol 'problems,' stealing prescription medication and money, dropping their then-two-year-old son on the floor and allowing the child to drink her beer."

Celina Charles, Quawan's cousin, said Quawan had been living in a newly-built, comfortable suburban development in Youngsville, Lousiana., with his mother, Roxanne Nelson and her husband.

A week before he died, however, Quawan was sent to live at his dad's house in Baldwin, 35 miles away.At his new school, Quawan had been in contact with Gavin Irvin, 17, who had been in school with Quawan back in Youngsville and, like him, moved.

The more details become available, the more confused and questions we have.

Quawan Charles' family sought their own independent autopsy and that autopsy also suggests that Charles drowned. The independent autopsy also mentions no sign of trauma or natural disease, and that the body was undergoing decompositional changes upon arrival.

At this point, we don't even know what to think. . . #JusticeForQuawan


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