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It's a Thin Line: Woman Shoots Her Boyfriend then Video Chats with His Side Chick as He Lay Dyin

This must have been what they meant when they came up with the saying "love will make you do some crazy things".

34-year-old Rosa Lagrone has been arrested and charged with shooting, and killing, her boyfriend. Reports say that Lagrone, on the evening of October 30, got into a verbal altercation with her boyfriend about him allegedly seeing another woman. Her boyfriend, Darnell Manns, allegedly denied her allegations but Lagrone persisted in questioning him. That's when police say, Lagrone called a relative and told them to come and remove her children from the household. She told the unidentified relative, “You have to come get the kids right now. I’m going to jail for the rest of my life.”

Her children, ages 6, 10, 13, and 14 were not there for what happened next.

According to authorities, Lagrone pulled out a gun and shot Manns.

Lagrone contacted that woman through a video chat feature on social media while her boyfriend was on the floor in the background in what appeared to be a pool of blood, DuPage County Assistant State’s Attorney Mandy Meindl said.

The 27-year-old man was shot once, and the bullet went through his arm and lodged in his spine, Meindl said. The man, who is on a ventilator, remains hospitalized and tests were being conducted Sunday to determine if there was any brain activity. Meindl said charges against Lagrone could be upgraded to murder if her boyfriend does not survive.

Lagrone told investigators that the gun went off accidentally but, they don't believe her story. According to Meindl, Lagrone used Manns phone to log into his Facebook account and then video call the alleged other woman. During the video submitted into evidence Manns can be seen on the floor, bleeding as another person, presumably Lagrone, kicked him at least twice.

Lagrone was arrested at her residence without incident and a gun was found at the scene.

Lagrone appeared in court today to face charges of murder, aggravated battery involving a firearm and aggravated domestic battery. She's being held on a $1.5 million bond.


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