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15-Year-Old Boy Shoots and Kills His Abusive Father. Says He Was "Tired of Him Abusing" Hi

Everybody, no matter how patient they are, has a breaking point.

On Wednesday 15-year-old Tucker Gales reached his breaking point with his father. According to Gales his father, 66-year-old Wesley Jordan Gales, had been abusing his mother repeatedly for years and he'd had enough.

Police were called to the family's home on Gales Rd. in Appling, Georgia. They were told that it was a "CPR in progress" call but, when they arrived they discovered the magnitude of the story.

The elder Gales was laying on the back porch with a gunshot wound to the head. Tucker and his mother were inside the home. After questioning them both, police determined that the teen had shot and killed his father.

The sheriff's office says the 15-year-old admitted to shooting his father with a .22 caliber Marlin semiautomatic rifle.

The teen said that he'd simply had enough and he was "tired of his father abusing" his mother.

According to records from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, "Wesley Gales was arrested on March 11 and charged with battery/ family violence and cruelty to children in the third degree.

In the incident report for the March 11 arrest, authorities responded to the residence where they met Deborah (Tucker's mother) and Tucker in the front yard. Deborah told authorities that her husband, Wesley has been drinking when they got into a verbal altercation.

According to Deborah, she went into the bathroom to get some tissue when Wesley threw a DVD player down the hall from his bedroom. Tucker, their 15-year-old son when to pick it up when Wesley yelled, "leave that f****** thing there". While in the bathroom, Deborah says Wesley came in the bathroom and hit her in the left eye and face with his fist and pulled her into the hallway.

Deborah told deputies she felt dizzy and fell down. While on the floor, Wesley kicked her in the forehead with his foot leaving a mark. The incident report states their son, Tucker witnessed the incident.

After viewing marks and blood coming from Deborah's nose, the deputy located Wesley in his bedroom and asked him what happened.

Wesley did admit to the deputy a verbal altercation had occurred and he did hit Deborah in her eye and face causing her nose to bleed. Wesley also admitted to the deputy he kicked her in the head."

Tucker Gales was taken into custody without incident and transported to a correctional facility. He's being charged with murder.

Our hearts go out to this young boy who decided to end his mother's abuse the only way he knew how. . . by killing her abuser.


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