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Chrissy Teigen Shares an Emotional Open Letter After the Loss of Her Son "Jack".

Just weeks after Chrissy Teigen and John Legend lost their son Jack, Teigen has made a reappearance on social media. The model and television host has been incredibly open about her personal life and her struggles while pregnant with the couple's third child. She shared everything with the public from photos of her peeling tongue, from eating too much sour candy, to the whirlwind emotions of being placed on bed rest and eventually their baby's death.

No one expected Chrissy to be so open about her feelings after little Jack's death but, true to her unique fashion, she chose to bare her soul for the world to see.

Teigen took to social media to pen a lengthy recount of the events that led up to Jack's death and all of her feelings surrounding the event. Teigen shared the lengthy post, simply entitled "Hi" with the words "I didn’t know how to come back to real life so I wrote this piece for Medium with hopes that I can somehow move on but as soon as I posted it, tears flew out because it felt I don’t want to ever not remember jack."

The couple have two children, Luna Simone, 4, and Miles Theodore, 2. We're praying for Chrissy, John and any other family out there who has dealt with infant loss. It's never easy.

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