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Bodycam Footage Shows Cops Rescue Woman Being Held Captive by Her Ex-Boyfriend.

Tampa Police Department released bodycam footage of a daring rescue attempt that happened just a few days ago.

Tampa Police Chief Briand Dugan said "Tyrese Snead, 24, entered his ex girlfriend’s home while she was sleeping Sunday morning and demanded money at gunpoint. He then forced her into her own vehicle, which he had allegedly stolen from her a day before.

Snead drove to an undisclosed location where he held her hostage for over four hours, Dugan said. Officers were able to locate him at his house, which is shown on body camera footage."

Officers were attempting to evacuate Snead's neighbors before attempting to make contact with him. Snead opened his door but quickly tries to shut it again once he realizes the police are on the other side.

As you saw in the video the victim, barely dressed and visibly shaken, was rescued without incident. Snead also was taken into custody without incident. He was charged with robbery, home invasion, kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, carjacking, and grand theft.

Thankfully this ordeal ended with everyone physically unharmed and heading home to their families.


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